London snow forecast: Hail showers fall but will it snow in London?

Those venturing outside their London homes today (Sunday, March 29) for their daily dose of exercise under the coronavirus lockdown will notice the weather has become more chilly. Hail showers are forecast to fall from 2pm onwards, though parts of London saw hail shortly after 12pm.

BBC Weather predicted “hail showers and a fresh breeze” in its Sunday forecast.

The capital’s temperature will hover around the 8C mark and there’s an 88 percent chance of hail falling.

The chillier weather comes as the UK will be the coldest European country thanks to Arctic winds sweeping in from the north.

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said, the country will be 5C colder than the usual temperatures for this time of year.


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The UK may have entered British Summer Time as the clocks went forward on Sunday, but the upcoming weather will be anything by summery.

A 1,000 mile-wide cold weather system is heading to the UK from northern Europe.

Temperatures on Sunday night across London and southeast England could be as low as -1C, says the Met Office.

Though cold enough to snow, London is not forecast to see any wintry showers and there will be some sunny intervals.

The Met Office said: “Temperatures by day on Sunday will struggle to reach double digits, the keen northeasterly wind making it feel colder.

“There’ll be a risk of hail and snow along eastern coasts and inland, although these will become more confined to high ground in the north later in the day.”

In its forecast for London and the southeast for Sunday evening, the UK’s national weather service said: “A few showers will continue across Kent, but elsewhere it will become dry with clear spells.

“Remaining breezy near the coast with a frost forming inland. Minimum temperature -1C.”

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Snow was spotted in Surrey and Scotland on Sunday, while hail fell in Brighton and East Sussex.

The cold weather system from the Arctic brought snow to parts of northern and England overnight.

Windchill will make it feel even colder with temperatures dropping as low as -8C in Scotland and -6C in south England.

Comparatively, it is colder than Russia’s capital Moscow, where the mercury will sit at -3C.

Terry Scholey from Netweather said: “It’s going to feel bitterly cold today in a stiff and very blustery north wind, that’ll give gusts to gale force in the Dover Straits and along some North Sea coasts.

“We’ve already had a few snow showers over North East England, but many of these will fall as rain or hail and mostly in the east, with any snow through the day chiefly on hills.

“There’ll be a few sharp ones over East Anglia and the southeast, but most of the showers will be light.

“Generally, large amounts of cloud are expected, but there’ll be sunny intervals, with the best of these in the West.

“Top temperatures only 4 to 6C in the north and 7 to 9C further south, but it’ll feel more like 1 or 2C out in the wind.

“It’ll be similar into the evening, with just subtle changes after dark.”

Looking further ahead, the Met Office says that towards the middle of April the weather may turn more changeable with a few days of rain and strong winds alternating with periods of sunshine and showers for much of the UK.

Any showers may turn to a mix of sleet and snow over northern hills.

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Britain bathes in 17C heatwave that stops summer shortage

Glorious weather is finally drying out waterlogged fields in time for farmers to plant crops to avoid a summer food shortage.

Britain was as hot as 17C Australia today as a 500-mile wide “Portuguese pulse” of warm air sweeps across the country.

Forecasters said the “mini-heatwave” could last for another eight days and expected more sun with highs of 14C today.

Farmers were worried another stormy month like February would have finished many rural farms off altogether and leave the country short of home-grown food this summer.

Gavin Lane had to write off 40 hectares of crops after his farm near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was hit hard by Storm Ciara.

But he said that the dry weather that started on Tuesday had spared many farmers from going under.

He added: “People are reasonably optimistic that this week and next they will be able to get their spring crops in.”

Mr Lane said some farms were still underwater but “if we’d had another month like February, we would have been in a real muddle.”

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This year is forecast to deliver the lowest-yielding wheat harvest so far this century after record rain caused lasting damage to fields between the Wash in East Anglia and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Winter cropping was down heavily because of the floods and there were fears that the spring crop would have been too late.

The government has committed £10million to help those affected while the heatwave has come in time to rescue even some of the winter crop.

  • Rollercoaster week of weather to unleash 18cm of snow and 16C sizzler in UK

The Met Office said the sunshine will carry on over the weekend with temperatures at 7-9C but warned a cold snap was coming.

Weather maps show a 1,000 mile-wide cold air Arctic barrage on its way to the UK will bring snow flurries in the north.

Hills further south could be covered in the white stuff too, the Weather Outlook said.

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