62 nuns exhumed from Loretto Heights project

Like so many parts of the Denver metro, Loretto Heights is currently filled with the sights and sounds of construction.

Workers and machinery are clearing the way for new housing in the shadow of the historic Loretto Heights campus, which has sit atop a hill in southwest Denver for more than a century. But before the foundations and drywalls can go up, a very important project must be finished, with special reverence and care — the exhumation of 62 nuns from the Sisters of Loretto order, buried in a small plot of land on the far north side of the campus.

“It’s best to arrange, while you still can, perpetual care for them,” said Sister Mary Nelle Gage with the order, who has been instrumental in the project for her fellow sisters. “So, we’re exhuming 62 sisters, and then we’ll rebury them at Mount Olivet a little bit later in the summer.”

This exhumation is a bittersweet project for Sister Mary Nelle Gage, and for the community around her. Neighbors in the area have told her they will miss visiting what they hold to be a sacred space, a sentiment she shares. On the other hand, she says, a new resting place among other sisters — and under watchful eyes — will provide more assurance in the years to come.

The exhumed bodies of the Sisters of Loretto are expected to be reburied in a ceremony at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge in August.

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