Albert Einstein: Physicist’s heartbreaking letter about ‘Hitler’s insanity’ revealed

Albert Einstein was notoriously outspoken about the leader of the Third Reich after fleeing Nazi Germany for the US in 1933. He candidly wrote about the danger posed by Adolf Hitler, describing the dreadful impact it would have on the Jewish people and others deemed undesirable by the fascist party. Mr Einstein was among many Jews targeted by the Nazis, including in one magazine that listed him among enemies of the nation. Featured in the piece was the threat “not yet hanged” and a hefty bounty put on his head. Prior to this, the theoretical physicist’s books had been burned and Nazi propaganda had declared “Jewish intellectualism is dead”. Unearthed accounts from this horrifying time in history reveal the torment and hurt Mr Einstein felt in a hauntingly prophetic letter where he worried about what was yet to come.

Albert Einstein’s handwritten note to his first wife Mileva Maric also describes the difficulties faced by his son Eduard, known as Teitel, who suffered from schizophrenia. 

He thanks his ex-partner for including articles about “chemical intervention” treatment for the mental health condition before writing about his fears about the Nazi uprising.

The signed letter described how Ms Maric’s note made him “immensely happy” and raised a “lovely feeling of hope”, which was dated April 17, 1934 – a year after Hitler rose to power.

The historical piece will go under the hammer with Heritage Auctions later this month and carries an estimate of $15,000 (£11,900).

In the letter, Mr Einstein explained that he was having difficulty sending payments due to the actions of the Nazi government.

He wrote: “I am strained so severely by the various acts of assistance that I have to restrict myself all around in the most extreme way. 

“All this is the result of the Hitler-insanity, which has completely ruined the lives of all those around me.”

Mr Einstein was described as a “prolific note writer” by Curtis Lindner, an expert from Heritage Auctions.

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Mr Lindner told “I’m sure at this point, no one could imagine what would happen over the next 11 years, with concentration camps and even in Russia where tens of millions were killed by Joseph Stalin.

“But Albert Einstein was a very bright man and may have seen in Hitler what the future of Hitler’s Germany would look like and the insane acts that would be committed as part of his ‘1,000-year Reich’.

“Einstein was very perceptive, especially when he wrote that Hitler had ‘completely ruined the lives of all those around’ and the German people, it’s a very important letter.”

Mr Lindner explained how it may appear that the physicist might be “seeing something in the future” when writing about Hitler in his letter.

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The piece will be sold through the ‘Historical Manuscripts Signature Auction’ on April 22.

The Heritage Auctions’ expert anticipates the piece could be particularly popular among bidders.

Mr Lindner told “What’s interesting is that he talks about personal issues and about the political global issue with his comments about ‘Hitler’s insanity’.”

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