Alberta introduces COVID-19 pilot project that could reduce quarantine times for international travel

Starting in November, some travellers coming to Alberta from international destinations will be able to opt in for a COVID-19 test when they enter Canada that could reduce the time they are expected to quarantine.

Canada requires people to quarantine for 14 days upon entry to the country in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The test would be administered at the Calgary International Airport as well the Coutts land border crossing. Once the test is administered, the person would continue into quarantine. If a negative result is received, the traveller would be allowed to leave quarantine provided they get another test between days six and seven.

“The reason for that is the same reason I’m under isolation right now is that the virus can take some time to develop and become detectable,” Premier Jason Kenney said via telephone on Thursday.

Kenney went into isolation after Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard received a positive test result Wednesday.

He received a negative test result Wednesday evening.

“It’s not an overstatement to say today’s announcement is actually the first piece of good news we have received as an airline since February the 29th,” Ed Sims the president and CEO of WestJet said.

Travellers taking part in this pilot project will be closely monitored, Kenney said, and will be expected to take part in daily check ins. They will also have to follow other preventative measures like wearing a mask in public places and will be required to stay in the province of Alberta for the full 14 days.

They would also not be allowed to visit high-risk settings where the vulnerable population may live.

If anyone participating in this pilot began showing symptoms, the traveller would be required to isolate and contact Alberta Health Services immediately.

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“This is an announcement that I’ve been waiting for and that we have all been waiting for for months,” Bob Sartor, president and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority said.

“We really hope that this pilot will help in reducing and one day eliminating the 14-day self-isolation requirements that have so crippled our nation.”

While the program is just available at the two locations to start, Kenney said there are plans to expand it to the Edmonton International Airport as well.

“All of this is based on the approval and cooperation of the government of Canada and I think, understandably, they wanted to start it on a limited basis,” Kenney said.

EIA stopped receiving international flights on March 16 when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced only four airports in Canada would continue to receive those flights.

Kenney said if all goes well at the Calgary airport and Coutts, the hope is to have the pilot project expanded to Edmonton in February.

“The results will help shape future provincial and federal policy and ultimately, they’ll help to find a new approach for international travel. One that limits the spread of COVID-19, while relying much less on prolonged and very inconvenient quarantine measures.”

Kenney also announced a new option for those looking to leave the country for essential travel.

Starting Monday, Albertans will be able to access a new fee-for-service COVID-19 test administered by Dynallife Medical Labs. For $150, travelers will receive their COVID-19 test results 72 hours in advance of their arrival time at their destination.

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