Alien-like structure spotted after burst pipes freeze in icy phenomenon

An icy "phenomenon of nature" has been formed from a burst water pipe.

A mum from Gloucestershire was shocked to find an ice sculpture had formed on her street after water from a burst pipe had soaked the area and frozen.

Helen Stratford, from Staunton, Gloucestershire, found the bizarre structure after taking a walk down her road.

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The icicles seem to be bursting from the ground and seemed to have formed after a motorist drove past the ruptured main.

This splashed water onto a hedge by the side of the street and formed a weird alien like sight.

Helen told the Metro: “I’ve driven past it every day, it’s a phenomenon of nature I suppose.”

Her daughter was particularly impressed and said it reminded her of the pipes of an organ in the cathedral. She then begged her mum to go see it up close.

"We went when she broke up from school and it was so slippery but she wanted me to take a photo," Helen said.

"People have been bombing past it and not looking at it properly, but since I shared the photo they’ve stopped and realised it’s quite remarkable."

Despite the icy conditions and cold weather, Helen and her daughter hope the the snow in the UK continues for as long as possible, to maintain this natural spectacle.

“Whenever people drive past they splash it and it adds more to it, it really is amazing and truly unique.”

After posting the photo online, locals who have lived there for years were shocked and impressed. “Never seen anything like that before… brilliant pic!” said one commenter.

The majority of the UK experienced snow last weekend and the cold conditions lasted through out the week, with the Met Office issuing more yellow warnings for this weekend, suggesting more icy conditions this weekend and into next week.

They also said parts of the UK could expect to see more snow fall on the week leading up to Christmas before the cold spell we are experiencing ends.

While the colder conditions caused a great sight in Gloucestershire, it also caused chaos for travellers, with many schools and shops having to close due to hazardous conditions.


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