Amazon launching new self-driving car with ‘no steering wheel or breaks’

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Amazon’s new RoboTaxi can drive for 16 hours straight – without a steering wheel.

The US conglomerate bought self-driving car startup Zoox in a $1 billion (£736m) deal in June as it stepped up efforts to move into robotic cars.

Now details of the first prototype have emerged, showcasing a brand new four-seater taxi.

The robe-motor will have no driver, no steering wheel, and no brakes, Singularity Hub reported.

It will have two benches facing each other and transparent doors along the sides.

Passengers will use a touchscreen to adjust the temperature and keep an eye on their robotic route.

One selling point for Amazon’s flagship car will be the battery power, which will run for a reported 16 hours at a time.

While it hasn’t been reported how fast the car will be able to go, it is still an impressive feat.

The max speed of a Zoox vehicle is said to be about 75mph, fast enough for a UK motorway.

Meanwhile, Apple has reportedly been working on its own top-secret plans for an AI car.

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The tech giants are said to be developing "next level" batteries to power a driverless car.

According to various reports Apple plans to get its wheels rolling by 2024.

Under the codename Project Titan, iPhone boffins have been designing an Apple Car since 2014 and recently stepped it up a gear.

The firm has progressed enough that is now aiming to build a motor for customers that will rival robe-taxis and driverless car services.

Sources said the firm has decided to use outside partners for elements of the driverless motor, including "lidar" sensors which self-automated cars use to view the road.

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