Americans arent ready for terrifying number of sharks flocking to coast

The increasing number of sharks flocking to New York is a reality that locals may need to get used to.

There have been several reports of numerous surfers and swimmers suffering from biting incidents.

Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, announced that state agencies would be increasing shark patrols by helicopter, boat, and drone, especially along the south shore of Long Island, where all of the biting incidents had occurred.

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Beaches in Rockaway, a neighbourhood in Queens, were closed for swimming twice in July due to of shark sightings from shore.

According to ocean experts such as fishermen, marine biologists, and lifeguards, there are now more sharks around than at any time in at least the past half-century.

Legislation such as the Clean Water Act and the Marine Mammal Protection, both from 1972, have been passed, as well as the Clean Act, in order to protect ocean creatures.

More recently, a 2019 state law banning commercial purse-seine boats from fishing for bunker in New York State waters was passed, and has helped the population of whales, dolphins and sharks along the coast of New York and neighbouring states.

A popular theme that many marine biologists have taken umbrage with is the 1975 thriller film Jaws, that is based around a great white shark attacking beach-goers.

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The negative portrayal of sharks as monsters and human hunters is unfair, according to many of these marine biologists.

They explain that most shark bites are accidental and sharks do not aim to attack humans and only do so when they have mistaken a person for prey.

An idea has been put forth that every lifeguard should possess the basic equipment of gauze pads, bandages, tourniquets as well as undergo training in the rare instance that a shark attack would occur.

It's been said that while sharks are dangerous creatures, it is humans in fact who have caused more harm to a shark, who are hunted for their fins and caught in nets and longlines.


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