Anti-vaxxer mothers final wish was for children to get jabs before she died of Covid

Coronavirus vaccines for 12 year olds 'under review' says Harden

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Lawrence and Lydia Rodriquez were admitted into a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital in July with Covid. Lawrence died due to complications from Covid on August 2, and 14 days later Lydia followed died.

The couple are survived by their four children: Nathan and Ethan, 18-year-old twins; Adam, 16 and Synphonia, 11.

Following the couple’s death, Dottie Jones, Lydia’s cousin, set up a GoFundMe to raise money to support the four children.

On August 17, when Lydia died, Ms Jones said on the page: “I’m having to post something I had hoped I never would. Lydia passed away early this morning.

“Please continue to pray. Our hearts are broken.”

Ms Jones told ABC news station KTRK Lydia’s final wish before being on ventilation was for her children to be vaccinated against the virus.

She told the outlet: “Before she got intubated, one of the last things she told her sister was ‘Please make sure my children get vaccinated’.

“She would be there for her kids right now if she had been vaccinated.”

The cousin also added Lydia and Lawrence did not get vaccinated because they distrusted vaccines due to misinformation.

Speaking to the ABC outlet, Ms Jones continued to rail against vaccine misinformation, which has caused low uptake rates in states like Texas.

She said: “You try to talk to them, and she just didn’t like that. Didn’t trust it, I guess.

“It just breaks my heart that people are believing the misinformation that’s out there.

“The misinformation is killing people, and we need to get the truth out there.”

It comes after US President Joe Biden announced his administration plans to make Covid jab booster shots available to all Americans from September 20, as infections rise from the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The White House is prepared to offer a third booster shot starting on that date to all Americans who completed their initial inoculation at least eight months ago.

The President said: “This will boost your immune response.

“It’s the best way to protect ourselves from new variants that could arise.”

The US is currently suffering a spike in Covid cases and deaths due to the Delta variant.

On Wednesday, the US recorded 158,127 new cases and 1,055 new deaths.

In total, the US has recorded 38,072,838 cases and 641,358 deaths.

The US has also administered 199,325,940 first doses of Covid vaccine, equalling 60.7 percent of the population, and 169,186,268 second doses, equalling 51.5 percent.

According to the Our World In Data, Texas has only 45.45 percent of the population fully vaccinated.

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