Anti-vaxxer selling fake arm so Covid conspiracists dont have to get jabbed

An anti-vaxxer is selling a fake arm for Covid-sceptic Australians to get jabbed instead of their own.

The shameless seller advertised their audacious invention on the Facebook group Victoria – Sell Your Stuff.

He explained the absurd product was available in "various skin colours" and would cost a whopping $1,500, LadBible reported.

They wrote next to pics of the item: "Prosthetic arm (left or right).

"Using this for Covid vaccinations. Best worn under a winter jacket to disguise your good arm.

"Available in various skin colours. Registered express delivery".

Yet not all social media users were convinced the fake arm was the best idea.

Forensic scientist Maria tweeted: "Pro-tip: If you go to get vaccinated and the person vaccinating you cannot tell the difference between your arm and a prosthetic arm leave and go get vaccinated by someone else."

User @cortmanteau added: "Having a normal one", to which @Big_Chillin_Tho replied, "Microwaving my prosthetic arm before my appointment so it feels warm to the touch".

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The fact a nurse would actually jab a fake arm, no questions asked, seemed to be a realistic proposition for the man who organised the sale.

Never mind the fact buyers would be wasting vital vaccines at a time when most of the world is in dire need of a way out of the pandemic.

Then there's the fact Melbourne isn't even in lockdown anymore, so anti-vaxxers got their freedom as a direct result of fellow Victorians getting the jab.

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But to be more realistic, it just seems like another story of a guy who wants to make a quick buck – or a quick $1,500.

And expecting anti-vaxxers to be the gullible customers willing to try the snake oil doesn't seem a long shot.

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