Balmy Bank Holiday on cards as African air to spark weather U-turn

Met Office Deep Dive for UK bank holidays

Forecasters have assured people that while the majority of this week is damp and gloomy, a spell of settled weather will develop over the Bank Holiday weekend, with some areas expecting temperatures as high as 20C. However, before the pleasant conditions arrive, many areas will feel the wrath of chilly Arctic winds as rural parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland could be as cold as -7C overnight.

According to weather maps, the weekend is set to be mild and sunny, with some isolated showers scattered across the UK.

Temperatures are set to be in the high teens on Friday and Saturday with the southeast not expected to be chillier than 17C.

Wales will be a bit colder with temperatures ranging from 13C to 17C, with a bitter wind bringing the mercury down in coastal areas.

Northern Ireland will also be around 15C.

However, the warm winds are not expected to reach northern parts of the UK as the north of Scotland will be as cold as 4C during the hottest time Saturday afternoon.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said current UK temperatures are “precisely at around average for this time in spring”.

However, he added: “Of course we’ve been spoiled in recent years with some very nice spring weather so compared with that it perhaps has felt on the cold side.”

The meteorologist went on to say that while this week will be a bit gloomy, milder and more settled conditions are set to make a return in a few days.

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He said: “It’s going to turn increasingly cloudy as Atlantic Air begins to return. It’s a slow process.

“But over the next few days it’s going to slowly turn milder from the southwest. But it is going to take its time.”

As May approaches, a majority of the UK will experience moderate and relatively damp weather, while the far northeast of Scotland will continue to be affected by colder conditions, the Met Office long range forecast said.

Towards the end of this period, there is a higher possibility of unsettled and variable weather with increased chances of rain, particularly in central and southern regions.

Temperatures are set to remain around average for this time of year.

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