BBC viewers fume at irresponsible questioning of Nicola Bulley search expert

Viewers of BBC Breakfast have condemned the questioning of a man in charge of the search for Nicola Bulley.

Presenters Jon Kay and Sally Nugent spoke to Peter Faulding, the head of a team of underwater experts searching who are currently searching the River Wyre in Lancashire for Nicola.

Faulding said they were going to return back to the original spot where Nicola's phone was discovered for a second search.

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Faulding said: "This includes the area where the phone was found on the bench, that was thoroughly searched on the day by police divers where Nicola went in and these are very professional divers and they never found nothing (sic).

"That's the odd thing about this. That's what I can't get my head round, it's very strange."

Presenter Jon Kay then asked: "You're using this SONAR kit, do you think maybe taking that back to the original scene where the phone was, does that give you the opportunity to look in greater detail in different areas?"

Faulding replied: "We're gonna go back over the area just in case. We don't know for certain that Nicola was in the river but if she went further up she could drift down by now so we are gonna go back to the original area that was searched twice by the police."

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Nicola's family have previously urged people not to publicly speculate on the whereabouts of Nicola without any evidence.

Twitter users were quick to criticise the remarks.

One blasted: "Awful line of questioning from the presenters… engaging in macabre speculation."

Another added: "He should not be discussing it at all. Totally unprofessional and ghoulish."

A third user pointed out the wishes of Nicola's family were not being respected.

They wrote: "Please don't ask the underwater search teams to speculate about what might have happened to Nicola Bulley. Nicola's family specifically asked for this not to happen. Please respect their wishes."

It comes as Faulding said elsewhere that he had not seen such an unusual case in 20 years of his work.

Nicola Bulley was last seen dropping her two daughters, aged six and nine, at school and then went on a dog walk alongside the river.

Her phone was found on a bench on a riverbank overlooking the water, alongside the dog lead and was still connected to a work call.

The search for Nicola continues.

The BBC has been contacted for comment.

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