BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of widespread chaos as Storm Ellen hurtles towards UK

BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood warned strong winds will remain in control across the whole of the UK’s west coast as Storm Ellen’s remnants trail off. Commuters and travellers have been warned to beware of potential disruption because of the persistent outbreaks of rain as well as gusts of up to 50mph. Ms Kirkwood said: “Today it’s going to be windy again in western areas in particular, breezy as we go further east.

“There’s a lot of dry weather and a lot of warm sunshine. This area of low pressure has been deepening, this is part of what the Irish have called Storm Ellen.

“Look at all these isobars in the west, telling you that indeed it is windy and today we’ll continue with these strong winds out towards the west. It’s breezy as we travel further east.

“The other thing, we’ve had heavy rain moving northwards through the course of the night, still heavy as it traverses the far north of Scotland moving away from Northern Ireland.

“But these black circles are telling you the gusts of wind you can expect this morning so there could well be some travel disruption to ferries, to air and some debris on the road from small trees.

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“A lot of dry weather as I mention, temperatures in the sunshine up to about 26C in Norwich but not pretty if you’re in the wind and often some showers further west.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted the rainy conditions are due to persist through the evening but showers are expected to slowly make their way northwards.

Residents and commuters in the southwest have also been warned of potential coastal flooding because of widespread showers.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “Through this evening and overnight still we’ve got all these showers coming up, the latter part of the afternoon could be thundery, they’re drifting further eastwards more rain piling in behind and the environment agency are warning of the risk of some coastal flooding.

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“For the next few days, it could be around South Wales, Wales and the southwest coast. On Friday, it could actually be across northeast England.”

The unsettled conditions are forecast to continue through Friday but the windy conditions are set to expand past western areas into central and eastern Britain.

The BBC meteorologist added: “As we head on through Friday, again look at those isobars, Storm Ellen now swollen up by this area of low pressure, so it’s going to be windy everywhere.

“If you’re travelling bear that in mind, there could be some disruption to travel, we could also see some power cuts for example and the rain will still be a feature as well.


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“It will move north across Scotland but breaking up as it does so, so turning more showery. But more showers coming in from the west.

“Temperature-wise, of course tempered by the gusty winds, but we’re looking at 16C in Lerwick, closer to 25C as we push towards Norwich.

“Then into the weekend, things very slowly start to ease but you can see Saturday we still have an array of isobars so it’s still going to be pretty windy but also further spells of rain, particularly so in the west.”

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