BBC Weather: Europe battered by heavy rain storm as snow bombards north of continent

UK weather: Met Office warns of heavy thunderstorms

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BBC Weather forecaster Susan Powell said a heavy rainstorm will strike France and parts of central Europe over the next few days. In addition to this it will bring cold air to the continent. Scandinavian nations can expect further snow as temperatures fail to rise.

Elsewhere in Europe, it will remain dry for the most part with small chances of outbreaks towards the end of the week.

Ms Powell said: “Through Thursday there is still the promise of some fairly extensive sunshine across southern Europe.

“It is a different story further north, however.

“There is a deep area of low pressure, it is set to go rolling in to the north of France and the low countries eventually.

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“It is a potent storm and it will have strong winds associated with it.

“There will be some heavy rain that will also pull in some cooler air.”

The BBC Weather forecaster went on to explain the weather conditions in south eastern Europe.

It is expected to be dry going into Thursday and Friday with temperatures in the mid 20s.

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On the other side of the continent, Spain and Portugal can also expect temperatures in the mid 20s.

She continued: “Thursday it still looks fine for Greece and Turkey.

“Across the Balkans there are some showers though and they will get into the Alps.

“It is much cooler on Thursday across France and there will be some chilly northerly winds.

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“It will be stormy across Scandinavia and there will be more heavy snow for northern reaches of Scandinavia.

“It looks like that will continue into Friday as well.”

The weather forecaster noted that by Friday there will be some wet weather striking Spain and Italy.

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