BBC Weather: Kirkwood says scorcher to fuel sunny conditions as mercury levels hit 27C

BBC Weather: Summer solstice brings dry sunny conditions

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted temperatures ranging from between 13C to 28C across the country. Clear skies at night are expected and cooler temperatures. Across the North of England, there will be clouds and a spot of rain that will melt away. But for many Ms Kirkwood predicted dry warm conditions as we enter the middle of the week and push into the weekend.

Ms Kirkwood said: “In Lerwick today we’ll have 19 hours of daylight, in six months’ time from now in Lerwick when its midwinter it will be 14 hours less daylight than we are looking at today.

“And of course, as we go down the country in that table, you can see there’s not quite as much, as in the far North of the country.

“Now what we have today is a weather front which has slipped across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“It’s still with us, but it’s going to weaken as we go through the rest of the day.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “A ridge of high pressure across us, keeping things settled across England and also Wales means a lot of sunshine.

“But across Northern England, you can see a little bit of cloud and also the odd spot of rain before that melts away.

“For Scotland and Northern Ireland some brightness, and temperatures ranging from 13C in Lerwick to about 25C as we come across England and also Wales.

“Now through this evening and overnight, once again we’ll see a bit more low cloud, mist and merk across the far West of the country.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Clearer skies for the rest of us, it’s not going to be a cold night for most.

“Our overnight lows will be from between about 9C and 12 degrees.

“So tomorrow we hang on to that low cloud, mist and merk across the North-West of Scotland, just fringing across the far North of Northern Ireland.

“But for many tomorrow once again, it’s going to be dry, it’s going to be sunny and it’s also going to be warm.

Ms Kirkwood added: “In fact temperatures, tomorrow could get up as much, as about 27C or 28 degrees.

“28 in old money is 82F, then as we head on into Thursday, well we still have all this cloud across the North and West.

“Many of us seeing some sunshine, best of the sunshine in England and Wales will be in the morning because through the day we’re going to start to import some showers from the near continent.

“Coming up from the South and pushing North in the direction of Midlands and some of those could be heavy and thundery.”

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