Below subzero -2C chill to freeze Brits as snowbomb set to unleash blizzards

A brutal -2C chill will creep in overnight and freeze Brits on Boxing Day, according to the latest weather reports.

Temperature maps show that many parts of the UK will suffer a -2C plunge in mercury on December 26 – ahead of the dreaded 'snowbomb' looming on the horizon.

It's believed a major storm is on the horizon and could unleash blizzards and bitter winds as part of five potential further storms before the year is out.

Last month, Brits endured heavy snow, strong gusts and torrential downpours as part of savage Storm Arwen and Storm Barra.

Thousands were left without power for days as four lives were lost in total to the two storms.

Now, Storm Corrie is at risk of bringing more blizzards to the UK, writes The Sun.

A White Christmas is growing ever more out of reach, however, the icy conditions are expected to hit two days later – on December 27. says a post-Christmas 'snowbomb' could send mercury diving again.

Jim Dale, British Weather Services meteorologist, warned Storm Corrie may be due to the La Nina effect.

La Nina is an unsettled weather front caused when warm North Sea temperatures mix with cooler waters from the Pacific.

Mr Dale said: "We are expecting one more major storm this month which will set the trend for coming months.

"We expect five to six storms to hit through the winter period which could be severe enough to warrant naming."

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Looking at WXCharts for the 'feels like temperature' to see how cold it's really going to get – millions will see -2C overnight.

Those in the south, near Bath and Bristol as well as Birmingham, the Midlands, north or Manchester and Newcastle in England will bit hit with the icy chill.

Below subzero temperatures are also expected in Scotland, with the north at -2C 'feel like temperatures', as well as places near Inverness and the west coast.

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Many others will either feel -1C or freezing for that night.

It appears mercury may dive just before the 'snowbomb' is predicted to hit.

Although, weather forecasts can change only a mere day or two beforehand.

A Netweather forecaster said conditions are expected to become less settled towards the end of the period between Christmas and New year – and "this is when snowfall is most likely for many parts of the UK."

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