Bloke accuses driver of ‘endangering wife’s life’ by parking in front of drive

A bloke has accused a driver of endangering his wife’s life by parking his car in front of their drive.

The elderly man from Exeter, Devon, left an angry note on the Mini which reportedly belonged to a school-run parent and was parked outside his drive for at least six hours.

The furious note read: "My wife has a heart pacemaker fitted and requires access to medical assistance at any time her monitor becomes active.

"If I can't get my car off the drive she could die. Please inform your friends at the school."

Photos taken of the scene show the vehicle parked directly in front of the house with the couple unable to access the road should they need to.

One local in the area told Devon Live that despite the road commonly being used for parking and cars being left for long periods of time, restricting access of elderly residents is "not really fair on them" and could prove fatal.

The unnamed resident said: "I want help for my neighbour. This should not take place."

The couple managed to get the driver to move their motor, but their neighbour said: "It's just not really fair on them."

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In October last year, a brazen driver parked across an old woman’s drive for around two hours, nearly causing her to miss her supermarket delivery.

When the driver returned, instead of apologising, he proceeded to excuse himself by saying he had gone to watch a football game.

Thankfully, the woman's delivery driver was able to get her shopping to her, but she was confused as to why the driver chose that particular parking spot and claims she would have probably allowed the driver to park there if he had asked beforehand.

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