Bloke shot dead by his dogs paws in one-in-a-million freak accident

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    Man's best friend appears to have turned on a new dad who was killed after his pooch pulled the trigger with his paw.

    Such a freak accident was pronounced as one-in-a-million, a freak hunting accident that saw the new dad shot dead by his dog, it has been claimed.

    Police and prosecutors are continuing their investigation into the shooting, after Ozgur Gevrekoglu, 32, was allegedly shot dead by his K9 companion while on a hunting trip together.

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    The 32-year-old is said to have been packing up his gear when the pooch pressed its paw onto a shotgun trigger, blasting its owner at close range.

    Packing up his still-loaded shotgun into the back of his car, Gevrekoglu is said to have been killed after his dog stepped on the trigger with its paw, killing the 32-year-old instantly.

    The dad of one and his dog had been hunting with pals on the Kizlan Plateau in the Samsun Province of Turkey when the chillingly bizarre incident took place.

    Reports indicate that the pooch touched the shotgun trigger with its paw as the 32-year-old placed his dog in the car.

    Despite the freak accident, there are some local media outlets reporting that the incident could actually be a murder.

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    The shotgun discharge and the freak dog-related incident saw Gevrekoglu's body transferred to Alacam State Hospital, before being transferred to the state capital of Samsun for an autopsy.

    Local media cited the 32-year-old as having become a father just 10 days before his tragic, strange death.

    Investigations are ongoing into the bizarre event which has seen man's best friend turn on his owner, with the Public Prosecutor's Office continuing their investigation.

    Gevrekoglu had been snapped in a photograph just days before, grinning widely while holding up a string of dead birds and petting his pet pooch, which has not been named, with the other.

    The freak accident appears to have killed the dad-of-one instantly, and so far it appears the dog is responsible for his death.

    His death comes as the pair were packing up from a recent hunting trip, sparking rumours of foul play and murder through some local media outlets.

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