Bloke wins stunning £3m mansion in prize draw – flogs it weeks later for profit

A bloke who bagged himself a luxury mansion valued at £3million in a prize draw win is now trying to flog the plush pad just weeks later.

Uttam Parmar, 58, hopes to bag himself an extra million from the house he won in a prize draw after putting the home on the market less than two months after he'd won big.

The four-bed Cornwall-based mansion proved a lucky break in a dry spell of competition wins that had seen the dad-of-one pick up only a coffee table and TV in previous prize draws.

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The 58-year-old said the property gave his family the "best dilemma we've ever had".

That dilemma, it seemed, was whether or not to stay at the property, rent it, or just sell it.

A decision appears to have been made, with Parmar and his family deciding to sell the 4,200 sq ft mega mansion, listing the property for nearly a million more than the competition valued it at.

Now, the property resides on Rightmove, where for a cool £3,999,975, the idyllic Rock on the North-based property can be purchased.

The hefty sum for the mansion does feature the panoramic countryside views that overlook 5.3 acres of land as well as ultra modern fittings and a posh decking that holds its own hot tub.

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It even comes mortgage free, and Gordon Ramsay of Kitchen Nightmare's fame could be moving in next door, should his family take up the £4.4million pad across the way.

Operations manager Uttam said: "We were so excited that we might have won the grand prize, we called our son Aaron to see if the winning entry code matched ours.

"When he triple checked the numbers matched, we must've burst his eardrums screaming down the phone!"

Should Parmar have decided to rent out the property, he could have been looking at an intake of £15,000 a month during peak holiday seasons.

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