Bodybuilder who married sex doll reveals he first fell in love at 4 years old

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A bodybuilder who went viral after he married a sex doll has shared when he first experienced love at the mere age of four years old.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, is best known for his scandalous relationships with various sex dolls which included an explosive affair with a random object and his iconic divorce from ex-wife Margo.

He married Margo in November 2020, in a lavish ceremony in front of dozens of guests but their happy marriage came to a halt shortly after their nuptials.

After months apart he was finally able to move on with a custom-made bride called Lola– which appeared to be a humungous chicken with a human-like head.

But the muscle man didn’t always just like dolls and has shared the various human encounters that he experienced while he was growing up.

And despite his relationship with Margo suddenly ending not long into the marriage, he has previously been able to commit to long-term relationships.

The muscleman, who identifies as pansexual, decided to share his romantic journey with his thousands of followers after several requests.

He wrote in an Instagram post: “For the first time I fell in love at 4 years old. It was a girl who lived in my house, we also went to the same kindergarten.

“Then I fell in love at the age of 11 with the daughter of my teacher.

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“When I was 20 years old, I fell in love with a girlfriend with whom we studied at the same academy. We grew up together, we went through a lot. Our relationship lasted 7 years.

“Then some time passed and I fell in love with a guy. He was an actor in one theatre. This was my first experience with a guy, so I was acutely in love.

“Our romance did not last long (several months), but this gave an impetus for transformation.

“It happened about 8/9 years ago. Of course, after that romance, I had other romances with men.”

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