Bodybuilders tendon was 95% detached during final contest – that he won

A bodybuilder who won the coveted Mr Olympia title six times in a row has revealed how his intensive training had left him with a grisly injury before his final contest win.

Dorian Yates is heralded as one of Britain’s greatest-ever bodybuilders – and was crowned Mr Olympia six years in a row from 1992 to 1997.

After retiring in 1997, Dorian was succeeded by American Ronnie Coleman, whose injuries from the sport became so bad that he was left struggling to walk.

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Like his compatriot, Dorian battled his own issues with injuries while pushing his body to the max.

And speaking on the London Real YouTube channel, he admitted that he had almost pushed himself too far while nursing an injury on his final contest.

“Even the night before the contest, my physio came and took about 15 or 20 millilitres out of the elbow of blood and fluid that was swelling up,” he remembered.

“I felt weak, I felt vulnerable, I was on painkillers to be on stage.

"I was hoping to get through this contest, my tricep tendon apparently was 95% detached.”

Dorian admitted that instead of battling through, he should have taken a break and sought treatment – but confessed that he was driven by his determination to remain at the top of the sport.

Instead, the bodybuilder tore his tendon three weeks before the competition and was left unable to train before feeling hugely uncomfortable when he attended his final Mr Olympia contest.

“So it was kind of holding on by a little thread, and the clash of elbows that can sometimes happen when you’re doing the pose down, or too much [flexing]… I didn’t know,” he continued.

“So I was going there very gingerly, hitting the poses, not my usual positive aggressive self.”

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And, despite winning the competition, Dorian remembered that a subsequent surgery on the issue hadn’t helped to correct his injury, so he decided to retire from the sport soon after.

“I wouldn’t be able to get back to where I was before, and I would lose the contest, not because they were better or they trained harder, just because I was not able to,” he explained.

“That was the time for me to say, ‘this is it’, and I actually now see it as a blessing in disguise that maybe that had to happen.”


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