BP to dump 20 percent stake in Russian oil firm Rosneft after Putins acts of aggression

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The massive oil company has announced that it will be offloading its 19.75 percent stake in Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft.

BP Chairman Helge Lund said: “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an act of aggression which is having tragic consequences across the region.

“It has led the bp board to conclude, after a thorough process, that our involvement with Rosneft, a state-owned enterprise, simply cannot continue.

“We can no longer support bp representatives holding a role on the Rosneft board.”

The move comes following pressure from the UK government to make the decision following the invasion last Thursday.

BP’s Chief Executive Officer Bernard Looney added: “Like so many, I have been deeply shocked and saddened by the situation unfolding in Ukraine and my heart goes out to everyone affected.”

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