Brazen couple had sex in bathroom of restaurant and left behind wedding ring

Staff at a fancy restaurant are hunting for a couple who left behind their wedding ring after their brazen bathroom romp.

Keith McNally, owner of Balthazar in New York, said the lovers sneaked off to the men's room on the weekend.

He shared details of their steamy session on Instagram and said they ran off before he had a chance to catch them.

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The risqué pair left a wedding ring on the restroom floor over Independence Day weekend, reports the Daily Mail.

McNally shared the encounter on Monday (July 4), and said restaurant Manager Zouheir Louhaichy told him about the encounter by writing it on a note.

"We had one alleged report of a couple having sex in one of the men's stall downstairs," Louhaichy allegedly wrote.

"But when I asked floor manager Greg to rush down and check what's going on the couple were nowhere to be found so they remained a mystery.

"But oddly enough, Greg found a small wedding ring on the floor of the bathroom stall."

McNally told Page Six that the couple are yet to collect the ring, which has been stored in lost and found.

The daring couple seems to have picked up a fan base, with Instagram users commenting underneath McNally's post.

"I love a good story," said Shari Applebaum.

While fashion designer F.E Castleberry said: "F**k. So that's where mom wandered off to…"

Amy Hinkler questioned: "Well, where's the ring shot? I'm sure someone can identify the hand it belongs to."

"Sex, booze and rock 'n roll … could hardly ask for more," commented James Dickerman.

It turns out that McNally's Instagram posts have been a hit with Instagram users for a while, with some people claiming there's a "novel in every post."

The restaurant owner has warned that many of his posts aren't completely true.

"Eighty percent of Instagram posts are lies," he recently told The Wall Street Journal.

"People post stories and photos of how they want to be seen by others, not of how they really are. Mine included. But at least I recognize it and try to change it."

It remains unclear whether his restroom story is factual.

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