Brit, 75, looking for long-lost friend to include in £500k will before he dies

A 75-year-old man, suffering from prostate cancer is desperately searching looking for his long-lost friend to include him in his £500,000 will.

Verne McLean has an estimated half a million pounds worth of assets and would like to give 10 per cent to his friend who he hasn't seen in decades, the Mirror reports.

The kind-hearted owner of several apartments in the UK used to work as a crane operator in Libya in 1979.

During that time, he frequented a restaurant near his workplace where he met the Filipino chef named Mar.

Verne, from Birmingham, said that Mar would give him extra servings of vegetables because the chef knew he was a vegetarian and they became close.

He said: "His personality shines. He was a wise boy. Absolutely brilliant. Always smiling, always joking. When you went to their house he was a certain life and soul to the party."

The two became good friends and would visit each other's apartment in Libya, so they also shared common friends.

However, Verne was assigned to another country and Mar's contract ended so he had to return to the Philippines.

Verne said his good friend Mar sent him a letter in 1984 inviting him to visit Manila, but he was not able to reply and that was the last time he heard from him.

He said: "I was overseas then. I never responded. I've never written in my life."

When Verne returned to England, he invested his savings into flats and apartment which became a successful business venture.

He said: "I am reasonably well-off. In fact, I'm quite well-off, but not a multi-millionaire. I'm comfortable."

His assets grew to £500,000 when he retired until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2018.

The pensioner said he wanted to give 10 per cent of his money to Mar because he was the only person who genuinely cared for him.

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He said: "When I needed my family's help a couple of years ago, I didn't get it. That's when I thought, well, I'll give it to somebody else that deserves it."

Verne is still looking for his friend and said he hopes to see him soon before his health condition worsens.

He said: "I never really forgot you. All I can say, all the best in the future. If you do wish to get in contact, which would be nice, that is entirely up to you."

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