Britains most dangerous prisoner to spend Christmas alone in underground box

An evil murderer who earnt the title of the UK’s most dangerous prisoner after four gruesome killings will spend Christmas Day alone in an underground glass cage.

Robert Maudsley, dubbed Hannibal the Cannibal, was sent behind bars after he murdered John Farrell in 1974 for allegedly showing him pictures of kids he had abused.

In 1977, he tortured and killed fellow prisoner and convicted child molester David Francis in a revenge attack at Broadmoor in a grim incident where he tortured him to death over a nine hour period.

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He was then transferred to Wakefield Prison, where he butchered wife-killer Salney Darwood before cornering and stabbing another lag, William Roberts, to death as he lay in his bed.

Last year, Maudsley appealed to be allowed to spend the rest of his prison days with the “general population” – but chiefs ruled him too dangerous.

They declared that the 69-year-old would be forced to spend the rest of his life, 23 hours a day, locked alone inside a glass box beneath the jail, with a concrete slab to sleep on, a table and chair made of compressed cardboard, and a toilet and sink bolted to the floor.

The horror cell is a specially constructed 5.5 metres by 4.5 metre space with bullet proof glass cage that was built in 1983, nearly ten years after his prison sentence began.

And the rules won’t be relaxed for the festive season, with bloodthirsty Maudsley too much of a threat to the other prisoners.

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He will remain caged for every Christmas Day for the rest of his life, with officials vowing he will never be released.

An insider revealed last year: “He was told no… but appealed against the decision and wanted to spend Christmas in the presence of other humans. But he’s just been told no for the final time.

“Being alone for that long does something to you. He isn’t okay and they cannot take the risk of what he might do. They simply cannot take the risk.”

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