Britains richest gypsy buys himself a £4.5m Aston Martin 007 helicopter

Alfie Best, often described as “Britain’s richest Romany gypsy”, has treated himself to a limited edition Aston Martin helicopter.

The chopper is part of a collaboration between James Bond’s favourite car company and Airbus Corporate helicopters.

Just 15 have of the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition helicopters have been made, and Alfie, 51, has snagged number 007.

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To make sure everyone knows the ‘copter is his, Alfie’s managed to score the memorable registration G-YPSE.

Alfie was born during a snowstorm in a caravan by the side of a road but has worked his way up to a spot on the Sunday Times Rich List with a fortune of some £700million.

Alfie made is millions through his mobile home park enterprise, Wyldecrest Parks. By the end of the year he will own 108 parks and says he hopes that by the end of 2023 he’ll be the world’s first gypsy billionaire.

He told the Times: “By the age of 30 I was worth five million. It wasn’t all plain sailing. I went bankrupt at 20, lost everything and ended up getting divorced.”

He told The Sun how proud he was of his new helicopter: “It’s incredible. It’s a long way from my first-ever vehicle, a Ford Escort, which I sold for eleven hundred quid.

He says that when the aircraft originally arrived from the Airbus factory it was “a bit 'army-fied', all green and grey”.

But the helicopter was given a luxury makeover by Aston Martin Lagonda, and fitted with a silver plaque on the top of the instrument panel that reads: “Aston Martin G-YPS, Edition Number 007, built for Alfie Best”.

It’s been a long and remarkable journey from his first commercial venture, selling Tarmac door-to-door with his dad at the age of 10.

He says that even now, he faces prejudice because of his background: "I get criticised for being a Gypsy, but it's something I'm proud of.

"My parents gave us a great life despite our financial situation and I want other people to have that same opportunity to provide for their families.”

"I understand why people are wary of the outsider, but I want this to be looked as an opportunity for improvement. I want to create new jobs and homes for people and the best way to do that is invest."


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