British are free while we face frenzy! Germanys biggest newspaper bemoans Covid surge

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Bild, Germany’s biggest newspaper, has claimed the country is under a Covid “regulation frenzy”. It comes after Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health sent its Covid plan for autumn and winter to the federal states on Tuesday.

In the document, the ministry told states: “Such a drastic lockdown as in the second and third waves will in all probability no longer be necessary.”

However, masks would remain compulsory “into spring 2022” especially for public transport and in shops “for everyone, also for the vaccinated and recovered”.

The ministry said: “A fourth wave is looming — albeit still (!) at a low level.

“In addition to the increased introduction of infections by returning holidaymakers, the contact behaviour of the population is currently gradually approaching the behaviour of the time before the pandemic.”

The document also suggested the virus would be “seasonally amplified” in autumn and winter.

Benedikt Weimer, writer for Bild, contrasted Germany’s warnings of potential lockdowns to the UK “celebrating freedom”.

He noted in Germany, warnings were given against the “allegedly irresponsible policies of the British”.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach was cited by Mr Weimer, as the expert called the openings in Britain on Twitter “epidemiological nonsense”, saw children and young people “at the mercy of the disease” and hoped that Britain would soon abandon this “unethical attempt”.

Mr Weimer then noted “it turned out very differently” for the UK despite warnings from experts.

He said: “The corona drama never materialised.

“The number of infections on the island has been falling for weeks. The Delta wave seems to be broken – and that without people being patronised facing a regulation frenzy, like in Germany.

“The British celebrate their freedom!”

The writer continued to note ‘Freedom Day’ and “the end of the corona measures are a long way off for us – despite a mini incidence rate of 18.5”.

It comes as Germany struggles with a surge in Covid cases because of the Delta variant.

In July, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that infection rates were rising again at a “worrying” rate and urged Germans to get vaccinated.

On Wednesday, Germany recorded 3,571 cases and 26 deaths.

Jens Spahn, Germany’s Federal Minister of Health, announced on Wednesday all 1.3 million doses of AstraZeneca jabs will go straight to the international vaccination initiative Covax.
He said: “It is in our very own national interest to vaccinate the world.

“Because this pandemic is only really over when the virus is under global control.

“For the first time, we will now also deliver vaccine doses from our contracts to Covax.”

In July, Mr Spahn shared more than half the population of Germany is now fully vaccinated, but urged people to keep getting the jab amid fears of a slow uptake.

Additional reporting from Monika Pallenberg

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