Brits horrified by Asda bargain Xmas lube which helps Santa up the chimney

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    Brits have been left in shocked hysterics by Asda’s latest Christmas product line, a festive-themed bonking lubricant.

    Images were shared on the Reddit page CasualUK of a bottle of “tingle all the way” sending people into a spiral of x-rated Christmas gags.

    Adorned with snowflakes and a traditional festive green colour scheme the product, which has not been tested on animals, is available for £2.50 for a 75ml bottle.

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    Naturally, the predominantly-British population of the online community have been quick to chuck some jokes in on the comments section, and to devastating effect.

    “It helps Santa up the chimney,” one user said.

    “Love a bit of stuffing on Christmas Day,” said another.

    A third added: “Helps the big guy empty his s**k.”

    On a role, the good people of CasualUK didn’t stop there.

    “They'll be no Silent Night when this gets used,” said another.

    “Tingle balls tingle balls tingle all the way,” a user chipped in.

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    Some were more concerned with the details of the product, allegedly for research purposes.

    “Please tell me it's mince pie flavoured, or brandy sauce flavour…

    “Interested parties need to know.”

    Some users have speculated that it is a mint variety, similar to popular lines of shower gel that can produce a tingling feeling.

    One user pondered: “I'm trying to think what they've put in it that makes it tingle. Something similar to the active ingredient in Original Source mint & tea tree shower gel? Now that would definitely be a night to remember.”

    Then, seemingly settling the debate, the original poster of the image said: “It tingles with the joy of Christmas, obviously.”

    “Santa only comes once a year,” said another user getting in on the act.

    Some of the jokes were a little more vulgar.

    “Someone is going to be saying Oh Oh Oh this Christmas”.

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