Brits set to be hit with strong winds as North Atlantic jet stream sweeps UK

The problem with March is that it never really knows where it wants to be in terms of the weather.

You can wake up on one day and find yourself basking in temperatures of 17C, but then before you know it the logs are back out and your getting a fire going in the burner.

March just can't quite let go of Winter but at the same time it's not quite ready for Spring.

It should be known simply as the month of indecisiveness.

Over the next week March will prove to the public just how unpredictable it can be with a whole year of weather stuffed into seven days.

BBC Weather is forecasting that while the coming days will see some sunny weather the end of next week will be a different story.

The weather over the UK will be dominated by high pressure until the middle of next week when a band of low pressure sweeps in and turns everything on its head.

Next week the high pressure is still around but the air coming from the North Atlantic will bring what can only be described as chilly air.

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BBC Weather predicts that it's "never really going to warm up" with temperatures of 13C or 14C at best.

And where there is cloud in the country the temperature will feel more like 8C.

When the high pressure does stick around, such as on Monday, there will be bright and cloudy weather.

Tuesday and Wednesday should also remain pretty mild but as the high pressure finally starts to slip away and the jet stream changes things will turn more unsettled.

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On Thursday low pressure will engulf much of the UK and the end of the week will become very blustery in many parts of the county.

Parts of the south east may just get away with warmer weather as it remains within touching distance of the high pressure that fell away to cover much of mainland Europe.

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