Care home manager filmed stealing from dying OAP after sending her to hospital

A luxury care home manager was filmed digging around a dying pensioner's room after sending her into an ambulance.

Adam Brooks, 33, has been sentenced to 27 months in prison for pocketing £110 from Jacqueline White MBE.

The 83-year-old pensioner was rushed to hospital after she was found collapsed at her home in Hawthorns Retirement Apartments on Weedon Road on August 25 last year.

Sadly Jacqueline, who had been honoured by the Queen with an MBE in 1993 for her charity work, died the next day.

CCTV shows Brooks letting himself in with his master key and starting to root around through her drawers and jewellery box.

He calmly searches the room and steals a total of £110 from the pensioner.

As he progresses, he realises a security camera on the dressing table and turns it around to face the wall in a panic.

The manager leaves the camera showing the side of the bed before walking out of the room.

The court heard Jackie's son Martin had installed the camera days before his mother's death to keep an eye on her safety after she was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

He re-watched the footage to find out how his mother had fallen but instead, he saw the manager committing the crime and alerted the police.

Recorder Mr David Herbert said at Northampton Crown Court on November 5: "You entered her apartment at that home when you knew that she wasn't there… You watched her being taken from the home to the hospital.

"Within about an hour of her having left in the ambulance, you then went to her flat with the intention of stealing from her. Your motivation was simple greed."

Martin's victim statement, read by prosecutor Ayanna Nelson, stated: "It is very hard to describe the absolute shock and horror I felt when I saw Adam Brooks burglarise my mother’s flat less than two hours after he had watched her being carried out.

"We all had a great deal of difficulty coming to terms with the fact that someone who was considered a friend could take advantage of us all in the cool, calm and collected manner that showed on the CCTV.

"It did not appear to us that he was at all uncomfortable with what he was doing."

Sentencing, judge David Herbert QC said his thievery was "an insult to the managerial position you held".

He added: "Jacqueline White's family had enough to cope with on that day dealing with the death of their mother, let alone having to deal with you and the consequences of you stealing from her."

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