Carol Kirkwood forecast temperatures to rocket this weekend as Atlantic front takes over

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood tips temperatures to rocket

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BBC presenter Carol Kirkwood has talked through the latest weather maps as the UK slowly recovers from the impact of Storm Barra. Ms Kirkwood announced the storm that wreaked havoc across the UK on Tuesday was now losing power. She added that coming in behind the storm was a new weather front moving in from the east which is set to raise temperatures in time for this weekend. 

Ms Kirkwood: “Now today’s going to be quite a bright start.

We’ll see some sunshine. There’ll be some sunshine for many of us for much of the day but then it will cloud over in the west and some rain is going to arrive.

“Storm Barra is fading and weakening all the time not having much impact anymore, gusty winds around the coast but they’ll ease through the day.

“This little ridge of high pressure across us setting things down but we have this week’s weather front which is producing some showers, some hills snow as well.”

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“That’s drifting east towards taking its cloud with it but it’s weakening all the time, added the weatherwoman.

“And you can see a lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine before the rain comes in from the west.

“A chilly day for most of us today, except for in the southwest. We’re looking at highs of 10 or 11 degrees.

“Now if we pick up this band of rain and hill snow is going to be pushing steadily eastwards through the course of the night. We’ve got more of a northwesterly wind blowing in those showers, some of which will be wintery on higher ground and they’ll be in touch with frost but some of us but it is going to be another cold night, as you would expect at this time of year. 

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She added: Then we’ve got another front coming our way on Saturday coming in from the Atlantic.

“It’s a warm front behind it it will be quite mild.

“In fact during Saturday temperatures will actually rise through the course of the day.

“So we start off on a murky note with this mist and fog around and we’ve got our weather friends coming in bringing this rain moving from the west towards the east.”


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“But the wind will have changed direction to more of a southwesterly so you can see temperatures are rising and that’s represented quite nicely here on this airmass chart.”

Carol continued: “We’ve got the yellows and the ambers, for a time there will be a little blip in the north with some blues.

“But note how the yellows push steadily northwards, so as we head on through Sunday, temperatures between 10 and about 14 degrees.

“Some of us have some rain, and then on Monday, it’s going to be cooler in the north, but you can see too we are looking at some rain, but equally still mild for this stage in December. “

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