Celebs are having ‘scrotox’ jabs to help give them smooth new balls, says expert

Saggy celebs are having Botox jabs in their scrotums so it looks like they have got smooth new balls.

But they are risking suffering a string of side effects including chills, fevers and problems with breathing, swallowing and weeing.

Anti-ageing expert Lesley Reynolds, who runs The Harley Street Skin Clinic, is baffled by the rise in so-called “scrotox” requests.

Lesley told OK! magazine scrotox is not the only daft procedure her clinic has refused to do.

She said she had been asked to remove a little toe to fit into posh Louboutin high heels, and added: “We’ve also been asked to remove ribs to create a smaller waist.”

Lesley said: “All I can think is, ‘Why?’ It does worry me that people will just go down the road and find a doctor who will do it. But at least it’s not on my conscience.’’

Cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills advertise the sack jabs for around £400 each.

There are unproven claims the procedure de-wrinkles skin, makes scrotums look bigger, helps patients sweat less and makes sex more fun.

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