Cheeky Saint Bernard floods owner’s garden in hilarious paddling pool mishap

St. Bernard floods garden by collapsing swimming pool

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His cheeky Saint Bernard puppy had found an innovative way of cooling down in the Californian heat.

But instead of swimming in the pool, she emptied it. 

One-year-old Gigi was caught in the act in this hilarious video captured in the city of Corona, USA. 

The naughty pup had been playing in the back garden when owner Luke Smith heard something funny going on.

He glanced out of the window and saw what was unfolding, before capturing it on his phone.   

The footage shows the flooded garden with the culprit, Gigi, half in and half out the swimming pool, pulling one side down which was allowing the water to flow out freely. 

In the video, the 18-year college football player owner exclaims: “Gigi… Stop!” only adding to the hilarity of the footage.

Luke explained: “The video was taken on a regular hot summer day in June and the incident occurred in the backyard.”  

“We had just got an above-ground pool because of the Cali heat and Gigi took a love to it. One day we are upstairs and we hear rushing water outside so as I walk into the kitchen to get to the back door, I see water through the glass and instantly pull out my phone to record what is happening.

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“My girlfriend and I walk out to Gigi standing half in half out of the pool, and the entire backyard flooded.

“Our reaction was obviously “Gigi, stop!” but other than that it was all funny because we had just been talking about how much she loved the pool and she could get in and out no problem. Boy were we wrong.”

“We have not gotten her another pool… for obvious reasons. Now we resort to Earth’s natural pool at the beach! She loves going to the doggy beach in Huntington, California, and playing with all the other pups. 

“We love taking her!” 

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