Childhood dream comes true after man spends £18k on wolf costume

A childhood dream has come true for one man after he spent more than £18,000 on a full-size wolf suit. The man had dreamed of being a wolf due to his love of animals and seeing realistic animal suits on television.


And he was overjoyed when he finally got to wear the grey and white costume, which was modelled on a timber wolf.

It was created by Zeppet Workshop in Japan after the man learned that the company, which specialises in modelling, costume suits, and animatronics and robotics, could do personal orders.

The man, who has not been named, said: “Because of my love for animals since childhood and some realistic animal suits appearing on TV, I dreamed of “being one someday.”

“While I knew of body suits created by Zeppet, it did not occur to me that the studio accepts personal orders. On learning that personal orders are available recently, I immediately contacted Zeppet.”

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He added: “At the pre-order online meeting, I described the rough specifications of the desired suit to the creator.

“My expectation for a dream-come-true outcome rose when the creator convinced me that they can create a suit incorporating my specifications and ideas about how to realise preferable effects.

“Assured of a successful outcome, I placed an order right after receiving the quotation.”

The suit took around 50 days to make, with the man visiting the workshop several times during the process.


He added: ”At my several visits to the studio for measurement and fitting, the creators gave me various suggestions.

“At the same time, we checked images of real wolves to discuss smallest details until we incorporated quite a lot of features in the specifications.

“When the creators assured me that almost all of my suggestions are adoptable, my expectation rose even higher.

“All amendments made at the sample stage and problems manifested during the fitting stage were quickly dealt with.”

The full body suit includes features such as an unnoticeable ventilation slit and has been designed so the wearer can put it on by himself.

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When the final fitting day came he was absolutely delighted with the results.

He said: “At the final fitting, I was amazed at my transformed self in the mirror.

“My order to look like a real wolf walking on hind legs was difficult to say the least but the complete suit looked exactly like what I imagined.

“Thanks to the studio, one of my childhood dreams has come true.”

The man then had an anxious wait for the suit to be delivered to his home.

He added: “It only took about three days from the final fitting to the delivery, but the three days felt very long. It was a kind of excitement I have not felt for a long time.”


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