China ready for full scale Taiwan invasion by 2025 as Xi warns failure not an option

Taiwan: China have ability for ‘full scale invasion’ by 2025 says expert

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Asia politics expert Helen Davidson reflected on the ominous predictions by Taiwan’s Defence Minister as World War 3 fears have been sparked. While speaking to ABC News, she said Taiwan Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-Cheng believes China is capable of invading Taiwan now. He added that he believes China wants to be sure they can win this conflict and are willing to wait till 2025 for a full-scale invasion.

Ms Davidson also noted how Taiwan and its allies plan to deter China from taking such actions.

Ms Davidson said: “The minister did say today that he felt that China had the capability to invade now.

“But he said that they would have the ability to launch a full-scale invasion by 2025.

“Comparatively to other analysis and even other Taiwanese military figures that is quite a short timeline.

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“There is a capability but the other question is the intention.”

The Asia political expert also highlighted why this was such a key issue for China.

She indicated that China would want to be at full power if it chose to launch an attack.

She continued: “A lot of analysts will say that this is such a key goal of Xi Jinping for China that failure isn’t really an option.

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“There is a sense that if China does intend to launch an invasion or attack on Taiwan, they want to be very certain that it is going to be successful.

“The main goal of Taiwan and those that support it is to create a deterrent.

“That is why we see Taiwan boosting its defences, it is making a lot of large weapon purchases from the US, costing billions of dollars.

“It is also developing a porcupine strategy, an asymmetric defence system as a way to deter China from taking this kind of action.”

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US President Joe Biden is also concerned about China’s aggression in the area and a former adviser highlighted how the US, an ally to Taiwan, plans to influence the future of the region.

Former Pentagon adviser Jason Israel said President Joe Biden is calling on his allies to pressure China into greater cooperation with world powers and avoid military action.

While speaking on Sky News Australia, Mr Israel said President Biden is hoping that if China is more isolated it won’t behave as aggressively.

He also noted that Barack Obama’s initial strategy struggled to be effective.

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