China row erupts with Donald Trump – US citizens warned of threat of detention

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The law that was imposed on Hong Kong via dictat from Beijing has already been used to arrest ten citizens for “acts of secession, subversion of state power, terrorist activities and collusion with foreign or external forces to endanger national security”. Under article 38 of China’s new security law states that any person, anywhere in the world, who disagrees with the Chinese regime could find themselves to have broken the law. The US State Department stated in an email to its citizens in China: “US citizens may be detained without access to US consular services or information about their alleged crime.”

The State Department added that US citizens may face “prolonged interrogations and extended detention” for reasons related to “state security”.

The warning from the US authorities added: “Security personnel may detain and or deport US citizens for sending private electronic messages critical of the Chinese government”.

Now Donald Trump has also said he is “terminating” the US relationship with the World Health Organization over what he deems there culpability with China over coronavirus.

Now China has told the West to “stop interfering” in Hong Kong.

After China introduced the new security law, Mr Trump declared that Hong Kong could not be considered separate from mainland China.

The US president also accused Beijing of violating its obligations under the 1984 Sino British Joint Declaration

Mr Trump last month said, “China has replaced One Country, Two Systems with One Country, One System.

“This is a tragedy for Hong Kong.

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“China has smothered Hong Kong’s freedom.”

Now US lawmakers have approved new Hong Kong-related sanctions that will be targetted at those responsible for human rights abuses on Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners.

The US sanctions are set to penalise financial institutions that aid Chinese officials who use the new security law to inflict human rights abuses on Hong Kong citizens.

China’s new law has been seen as the end of freedoms guaranteed for 50 years after British rule ended in Hong Kong in 1997.

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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “The law is brutal.

“It is a sweeping crackdown against the people of Hong Kong.

“It is intended to destroy the freedoms they were promised.”

The new security law by pro-democracy campaigners inside and outside Hong Kong.

Residents of Hong Kong are now feeling ever more anxious as China tightens its hold.

Referring to the new security law the pro-democracy legislator Claudia Mo told the Guardian: “It is definitely the start of a new but sad chapter for Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong as we knew it is finally dead.”

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