China threat: David Davis warns Beijing trying to ‘pick us off one by one’ as row erupts

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Mr Davis told Sky News that countries must use their natural alliances to take on China together. The Conservative MP stated that the suspension of the extradition treaty with China is an important and symbolic first step in the action against China.

Mr Davis said: “There are a whole series of things we should do but they need to be ethical, legal, responsible but also done in coordination with the other countries in the world because you can be sure that the Chinese will try and pick us off one by one.

“They are trying to pick Australia off, they will try and pick us off, they will try and pick Canada off as they are already doing.

“We have to work together, the Five Eyes have to work together, other natural allies like Korea and Taiwan will have to act together and the European countries.

“So it is quite a complexed formula and calculation that we have to do.

“Suspension of the extradition treaty is a good and important first symbolic step.”

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