China will continue to win! Biden ordered to align allies against China economicly

China 'will continue to win' against UK and allies says MP

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Tory MP Tobias Ellwood reflected on the latest AUKUS announcements and the defence partnership between the US, Australia and the UK. While speaking on TalkRadio with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mr Ellwood argued Joe Biden and the US needed to keep all its allies on the same page. He said all of the US’ allies must move together economically to prevent China’s aggression.

Mr Ellwood said: “Has France overreacted? Absolutely.

“Is there more of a requirement for submarine technology, it is not just about that, it is about the strategic alliance in the South China Sea.

“Does this suck us into a greater commitment in that area? Yes it does.

“Will it tie us, perhaps, into engaging and supporting Taiwan if China were to act militarily, I think that is exactly what the US require.”

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Beyond this, Mr Ellwood commented on the US’ need for a multi-pronged approach to dealing with China.

He said: “If you want to tackle China’s behaviour you cannot do it by military means alone.

“That is the concern that I have, it is the mechanics of what has taken place here.

“The US choosing to do something without consulting fully with all of its allies.

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“The way you hold China to account is economical, that means you need all your tools, all your alliances working on one common objective.”

Ms Hartley Brewer argued that the UK nor the US is prepared to hold China to account economically and through trade, however.

Mr Ellwood agreed that both countries needed to make divisive action to prevent China from succeeding.

He said: “We have got to stop being addicted to China’s cheap goods.

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“If we are serious about wanting to check China’s aggression militarily, economically and technologically we need to do that through the economy.

“The Achilles heel of China is its reliance on global economy.

“If we keep buying China’s products and don’t ask questions about it China is going to continue to win.”

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