CIA agent once encountered reptilian alien and claimed they walk among us

A former top CIA agent has claimed he once came face to face with a “reptilian alien”.

And John Ramirez is confident that they “walk among us”.

He made the bold claims during an interview on YouTube channel Into the Wyrde with Holly Wood.

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“I've had one negative experience with a being that most people would describe as 'reptilian'," he explained.

“It was coming from the living room into my bedroom – I was fighting it, punching it and I had claw marks the next morning.”

Ramirez is described online as a retired CIA officer, who worked in intelligence as well as being a signal intelligence specialist in the United States Navy.

He has made a recent career from speaking about alien encounters, and is now held up as an expert in the field having spent 25 years working for the CIA.

He also held positions in the US Directorate of Science and Technology, the Directorate of Intelligence and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

During his podcast appearance, he went on to describe exactly what a reptilian alien is – because, he said, it is “not what you think”.

He explained: “People think of reptilians as lizards – they are not lizards.

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“They are people with reptilian ancestry who may look quite human to us, and they may have had some development into humanity.

“There may have been many non-human races… that helped us evolve outside of natural human evolution, otherwise we would still be living like our primate mammal cousins right now.”

He went on to claim that the reptilians are still walking “among us” – a known conspiracy theory often associated with some of the most rich and powerful people on the planet.

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