Company called Omicron insist they wont change name despite new Covid strain

The new variant of Coronavirus – called Omicron – could spell bad news for Brits this Christmas.

But one bosses at one printing firm, the naming of this new strain could cause untold annoyance.

Omicron Reprographics was set up around 25 years ago, and Dave Loveridge, director, and owner Mark Fawcett-Jones, are hoping to use the unfortunately named virus as an inspiration to spread some cheer during this time of year.

The Omicron variant of Covid was first identified by researchers in southern Africa, and there have now been 14 cases in the UK.

The findings forced the government to introduce new mask-wearing rules, which came into force today.

Omicron Reprographics, which named itself after the Greek letter long before Covid scientists took it, was notable at the start of the pandemic for producing a lot of banners, signs and handouts for NHS hospitals in the county.

Mr Loveridge said: “We've been asked by a few people if we'd considered changing the name, but we haven't.

“We've had the business since 2008, and it's been around for 25 years, so we're well-known throughout the south east. We're hoping we won't need to change the name.

“It's our web address and email address. We're forever having to spell it to people as they get the name wrong all the time.

“We're hoping that now they're going to get right, having corrected people for the last 13 years."

Unlike Corona Beer at the start of the pandemic, the printing company has not lost any trade due to the unfortunate name clash.

Although, Mr Loveridge did admit that there was one thing that could force them to change the name.

He said: “If people believed it (the virus) came from us and that we'd started it, then maybe we would have to consider changing the name.

“We're having current and former customers getting in touch and saying 'isn't that strange they've chosen your name?'.

“The phone's just lit up.”

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