Cop who knocked down girl, 15, with big flying kick gets written warning

A police officer who was recorded knocking down a 15-year-old girl with a 'big flying kick' has escaped being sacked.

The male Norfolk Police officer, who has not been named, was seen in a video kicking the teen in her waist sending her tumbling to the ground outside the City of Spice Indian restaurant, Norwich on September 26.

Footage of the incident initially shows a different male police officer attempting to arrest a woman as she was heard screaming and shouting, 'I'll land on top of you, yeah,' before they both fell to the ground.

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The teenage girl was seen trying to get the officer away from her friend as another van arrives and a female officer began assisting in the arrest.

But soon after, the male police officer in question runs onto the scene and delivered a 'big flying kick' to the interfering teenager, who is believed to be 15 years old.

He shouted 'move back' as he delivered the powerful kick that knocked her back into scaffolding and onto the ground.

He then gets down on the ground, putting his knee on the teen to restrain her and cuff her, when she starts yelling 'don't put your knee on my belly.'

Dexter Hanna, 41, who filmed the incident, claimed that the officer 'didn't ask any questions' before kicking the teen and was heard telling the officers: "You might break her neck if you keep doing that."

He also claimed that the girls were 'trying to impress' him as he recorded the incident.

Dexter said: 'It was one police officer that was there and when he was trying to restrain her he was trying to be nice. Then she was putting on more of a show when I started recording.

"They were bulling him [the officer] and almost beating him up. When the other one came he didn't ask any questions he just gave a big flying kick."

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Norfolk Police have now confirmed that the officer involved has received a final written warning for misconduct.

A spokesperson said: "Following an investigation, conducted by our Professional Standards Department, the officer in question received a final written warning for misconduct."

The incident was initially referred to the Independent Office of Police Conduct but was passed back to Norfolk Police for an internal review.


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