Coronavirus: Manitoba truckers describe what it’s like to haul during a pandemic

Truck drivers are playing a critical role in keeping the supply chain rolling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but some drivers say it’s difficult to find the necessities they need.

Since safety measures were put in place too slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, many restaurants have closed.

While some fast-food locations remain open, many are only serving customers at drive-thrus, which semi-trucks can’t go through because of their size.

Several truck stops are also closed, according to drivers Global News caught up with at a Manitoba truck stop.

Frank Friesen, a truck driver who hauls dry goods across North America, said he makes sure to pack a cooler with food and water before hitting the road.

“With food items, it’s junk food or other than that you don’t have many choices anymore,” Friesen said. “Rest areas are all closed, so we have to fend for ourselves.”

Friesen noted how trucking is essential to keeping the economy going, and although it comes with its risks, he’s doing his best to slow the spread of the virus.

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“It is a scary thing,” he said. “You’re in different states and provinces so you try not to get into close contact with people. I keep hand sanitizer and stuff like that in my truck and just try and keep healthy.”

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