Couple faces charges including fake meth distribution following Greeley arrest in stolen vehicle – The Denver Post

A man and a woman are scheduled to appear in court Wednesday after police pulled them over in a stolen vehicle in a late November arrest.

The couple had been under investigation by the Weld County Drug Task Force since early October, according to arrest records. A confidential informant contacted 37-year-old Aurora Bourgeois to ask for some meth. According to messages later reviewed by law enforcement, Bourgeois agreed to sell the informant 5 grams of meth for $200.

She met with the informant outside a store in central Greeley, selling him about 5 grams of presumptive positive meth, arrest records state.

The next day, an undercover investigator contacted Bourgeois on Facebook, and she asked if he needed any drugs, according to records. The investigator asked for “clear and blues,” referring to meth and a fake prescription painkiller containing fentanyl. They agreed to a drug deal the next week, at which point the investigator asked to buy quarter of an ounce of meth.

Bourgeois sent her boyfriend, Nigel Perrymond, 44, to meet with the investigator at a fast food restaurant. A patrol officer detained Perrymond when he entered the parking lot of the restaurant, finding he had a baggie with a large amount of a white crystalline substance, according to arrest records.

The substance tested negative for meth, and police noticed it was much whiter and less crystalline than meth. Police determined it was MSM, a supplement available at retail stores. The baggie weighed nearly 8 grams.

In an interview with police, Perrymond confirmed he knew it was “not real dope,” according to arrest records. Perrymond told police he was scammed into buying the MSM and was trying to make his money back, records state. He told them he could tell it wasn’t real meth by its texture and taste. Police found Perrymond had previously been charged with distribution of imitation controlled substance.

On Nov. 28, police pulled over Bourgeois and Perrymond as they were headed east in the 1000 block of U.S. 34 Bypass in Greeley. Police determined the SUV they were driving had been reported stolen out of Larimer County. Perrymond initially told police it was his vehicle and that he hadn’t paid his portion of it yet, but later admitted he was trying to cover for Bourgeois, according to records.

Police arrested Perrymond and Bourgeois on suspicion of aggravated motor vehicle theft. Police said they also found about 0.7 grams of presumptive positive meth in one of Perrymond’s pockets, adding a drug possession charge to his arrest. Perrymond also faces a charge for distribution of imitation controlled substance.

Bourgeois faces a charge for conspiracy to distribute imitation controlled substance, as well as drug distribution.

The two remain in jail as of Sunday afternoon. Bourgeois has a disposition hearing 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, and Perrymond has one 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. Both are in Weld District Court.

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