Covid outbreak at Army base as ‘two squaddies are airlifted to Kenyan hospital’

Covid has broken out at a massive Army training base in Kenya as fears grow "100s" of squaddies may be infected, it has been claimed.

Two soldiers have reportedly been airlifted to Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi with one alleged to be on a ventilator.

Today troops blasted the "s***storm" as a military source accused top brass of "treating the blokes like idiots".

Nyati Barracks was plunged into total lockdown on Sunday night with troops forced to eat out-of-date rations.

Another 160 have been made to live in tents to enforce social distancing.

Soldiers' relatives have been blasting top brass over a lack of information on social media.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) was accused of under-testing the outbreak after only 11 coronavirus cases were confirmed after the base reopened on January 26.

It admitted that 320 men and women are now in "enhanced isolation" and some have been forced to live under bivouac tents for 10 days.

Two soldiers have also been airlifted to the hospital by helicopter and two others taken by ambulance.

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Today an insider told the Daily Star: "They are treating the blokes like idiots.

"As an ex-soldier, I can accept being put out in the rain and the old rations but it's simultaneously being told that cases aren't a problem while you see blokes being heli-vacced.

"I assume if they were okay the blokes would have told me. I assume they are not going to hospital for no reason."

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The MoD has not commented on whether any hospital admissions have taken place.

He claimed: "They've only actually tested 15 people and they've got 11 confirmed cases so they are just not testing people.

"If they tested the whole camp they will have 100s".

"They were tested three days before the flights. The test is essentially worthless after doing three days of whatever you like and the guys have obviously brought it with them.

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"Because everyone was mixing for those six days and they didn't realise it was there and now it's all over."

The MoD has been unable to confirm to the Daily Star the number of tests carried out.

An ex combat medic also told us the situation was a "complete disaster".

Jay Lewis said on Facebook: "I know the Brit Army are notorious for treating their soldiers like garbage, but all things considered, this is a joke.

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An Army spokesman said: "The BATUK camp has been placed into enhanced isolation after a very small number of soldiers tested positive for Covid-19.

"The soldiers are in Kenya for training that is essential to maintain operational readiness and is conducted under strict COVID safety measures.

"All soldiers deploying on exercise had to conduct a period of isolation and test negative prior to travelling.

"The British Army takes the health and wellbeing of personnel and the local community in Kenya very seriously. The Ministry of Defence's force health protection measures are being applied to prevent further infections.

"Both the British Army and the Kenyan government are confident in the current measures in place to prevent the spread of infection and ensure vital training continues."

Another flight with 150 more soldiers landed in Kenya on Monday evening, despite the outbreak in the camp. It is understood to house 1,200 personnel.

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