Dachshund puppy filmed squeezing through baby gate to reach owner shes missing

A miniature dachshund puppy has amazed her owners after being caught on camera squeezing through a baby gate to escape upstairs.

The loyal pup managed to stunningly defeat the objects blocking her access and didn’t hesitate in racing upstairs in victory.

Fifteen-month-old dachshund Nala managed to manoeuvre her way through a small gap in the stair gate, but also climbed over a tall cardboard barrier that was deigned to block her.

The puppy wanted to find owner Kiera Vernon, 21, who was upstairs at the time while Kiera’s mum, Denise Vernon, caught the puppy in the act and captured it on video.

The Vernon family, from Wallasey in Wirral, Merseyside, know all too well about Nala’s ambitious behaviour.

They have spotted Nala making bold acrobatic moves many times before and began to get worried she could get injured.

In an attempt to protect her back and stop her climbing, Denise put a strip of cardboard as a barrier and hoped that it would be enough to stop her.

But the skilled puppy can climb fairly high for her small size, and is willing to give any challenge a go.

Denise, 51, said: “Nala just wants to be upstairs with my daughter Kiera, and tries everything to get up to see her. She loves Kiera to bits and won’t leave her side whenever she’s at home.”

In the video, Nala can be seen pushing her back legs in an attempt to get over the cardboard that was blocking her.

With a few kicks she gets over to the other side and takes no hesitation in rushing upstairs.

Denise was worried that the amount of climbing would damage her back.

Luckily an even bigger strip of cardboard has been put in place to keep Nala downstairs, which seems to have stopped the sneaky pup’s antics – at least for the time being.

For Simba, who also watched Nala’s escape act, and the other family dog, Reggie, there was no hope of them getting upstairs.

Denise said: “We got this gate made to measure as Simba could jump normal baby gates. But I was amazed at Nala. We just want to protect her back.

“I see little cute sausage stoppers for the bottom of stairs that everyone seems to rave about, but Nala would easily find a way of getting up the stairs.”

The American Kennel Club says dachshunds are well-known for being intelligent and stubborn, so it’s no wonder Nala demonstrated both of these traits in her bid to escape and be reunited with her favourite person.

Anotherlittle dachshund, named Zero,showed a stubborn but perhaps less intelligent side when he spent ages staring at his reflection in the fireplace, trying to get his ‘friend’ to play with him.

Like most puppies, dachshunds certainly keep their owners on their toes.

They can cause mayhem when left to their devices, as the owner of these dachshund puppies who left theliving room covered in flourknows only too well.

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