Dads who kill family have 4 main traits including paranoia, says criminologist

Killer fathers have four main motives for murdering their families and the majority of cases happen during the summer holidays, a leading criminologist says.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Professor Elizabeth Yardley of Birmingham City University discussed the reasons why fathers annihilate their wives and children.

During her research with colleague David Wilson, they discovered the majority of cases happen during the summer break and while many may assume these incidents took place because of the pressures of parenting while the kids are off school, there are actually four categories of 'family annihilator.'

These are the four types of dads who kill their families, according to Prof Yardley.


Yardley said: "There were four main types of a family annihilator. We had people who were we described in the self-righteous. And so these were often men who blamed their partners, or their ex-partners for the murders.

"These men are often quite controlling quite possessive within the relationship within the family. There's very often a history of domestic abuse, stalking, that kind of behaviour.

"They tended to be quite nice and quite dramatic. In terms of the method by which the murders took place and the things that they said about the murders, beforehand. They made up the majority of the cases actually.


"The 'disappointed' family annihilator, those are people who basically believe that the family has let them down the family has failed in some way," Yardley continues.

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"These are men who have got a very rigid idea of what a family should be in terms of like people's roles within the family expectations, children, that kind of thing. So that was why they say what they did.


Yardley explains: "The third one was basically when the source of the family's income has kind of been lost so that when somebody's business has gone bust somebody's been sacked made redundant had gone bankrupt. Then they decide to kind of take out their entire family.

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"After that because they have this belief that family is simply there as a display of your success and to show off about your consumption and that's a real determinant of your quality of life.


"Finally, the paranoid. And this is a belief that there is kind of an external threat to the family, it might be a real one, it might be an imagined one, that there are often mental health issues going on in the paranoid cases," Yardley adds.

"It might be something like, thinking that social services are going to come and take the children away, something like that there is some kind of external force that is beyond this person's control.

"That's going to come in and kind of compromise the family and in their minds kind of killing their relative's way of kind of preventing that threat from occurring."

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