Dead boy fell from plane and was hit by train but his identity is still unknown

Authorities are still struggling locate the family of a teenage boy whose body was found dead after falling from a flight to Heathrow, more than two years after the tragic incident occurred.

The boy's body was discovered on railway tracks in Richmond upon Thames in December 2020.

According to reports, he fell from a great height and had sustained major injuries to his head, neck, chest, and torso.

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Despite "sterling efforts" by both the British Transport Police and the National Crime Agency, the boy has still not been identified.

An inquest at West London Coroners Court revealed that the authorities have been unable to contact his family with the young victim believed to be between 15 and 18 years old.

He was discovered with no identification or documentation and was also missing both shoes and socks.

The boy was found wearing a green polo shirt with text reading "Sulid Supra Used High Quality Motorcycle Parts."

The shirt was traced to a motorbike shop in Nigeria, but the owners confirmed that they were unable to identify any missing employees.

The Nigerian authorities have circulated a facial depiction of the victim.

A post-mortem examination found no evidence of a third-party assault, and the forensic pathologist concluded that it was probable he died prior to impact on the railway track.

The cause of death was hypothermia and hypoxia at altitude, a common affliction suffered by those who stow themselves on aircraft.

Investigators theorized that the boy may have fallen from a flight from Lagos that arrived in Heathrow six hours before the discovery of his body.

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The examination of the aircraft found boot marks in the wheel well.

CCTV footage had been overwritten, but detectives from the British Transport Police launched an investigation and checked CCTV on the front and rear of trains, which showed the body being visible by the side of the tracks at 8.07 am.

Acting Senior Coroner Lydia Brown expressed her concerns about the young man's family and their lack of contact, saying: "I’m very conscious that somewhere out there this young man has a family who are wondering about him. Sadly, the contact has not been made for me to share what I know about this young man."

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