Decaying mouse corpse found on Wispa chocolate bar

A shop in which a gruesome decaying mouse was found dead and stuck gnawing on a Wispa chocolate bar has been fined more than £5,000.

Health agents also found a grim packet of sausages with visible mould on them and mouse poo and urine on storage surfaces across the floor.

The owners of the Liverpool store, Namcollis Mart on City Road near Goodison Park, pled guilty to food safety and hygiene breaches at Liverpool Magistrates Court on May 20, Liverpool ECHO reports.

Liverpool council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods, Abdul Qadir, said the vile violation is “a shocking example of a severe breach of food safety standards which could have resulted in customers being very ill”.

The furry rodents carry serious diseases such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria.

They can be deadly to people who are vulnerable or pregnant.

After inspectors first visited the shop on February 6 last year, the officials decided to shut it down immediately because of the immediate risk to public health.

Nine mice were caught while it was closed.

There were holes around the store where rodents could roam free and no measures were in place for decent pest control.

Although the owners had received recommendations from its own rodent contractor, not enough had been done to stop the problem.

Food products on sale that were past the safe ‘use-by’ date were also found by the health team.

Mr Qadir continued: “We will not tolerate food businesses operating in this manner and the seriousness of this charge is reflected in the considerable fine levelled at the owner.

“Our environmental health team do incredible work across the city so that residents and visitors can, rightly so, expect the highest possible standards when they visit any food outlet.”

The shop tidied itself up and was allowed to re-open again on February 20 2020 – nearly two weeks after the dirty discoveries were found.

Currently, it has a food hygiene rating of 1 and is deemed by the city council to need ‘Major Improvement’ after an inspection in March 2021.

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