Denver neighbors rank among the best in the country for being the least annoying

Neighbors in Denver are more likely to loan you a power tool than keep you up all night blasting music, at least that’s according to a new survey that ranked the Mile High City home to the fourth-least annoying neighbors in America.

Denver’s neighborhoods can have a different feel in their own unique way depending on which side of the city you’re on. Still, HomeAdvisor says no matter which part of the metro you call home, the sense of community a neighborhood brings is generally a positive experience.

The digital marketplace for home improvement based in Denver surveyed 2,200 Americans in the country’s 25 biggest cities to find out who has the best and most annoying neighbors.

Folks in the survey said they are most likely to argue with a neighbor about parking, loud parties and bad attitude or grumpiness.

Here’s what HomeAdvisor found:

  • 98% of Denver residents consider themselves to be good neighbors (tied for first nationally!)
  • 52% of Denver residents surveyed know most or all of their neighbors, and 54% consider them to be friends.
  • The top complaint Denver residents have about their neighbors is having loud parties.

While 64% of people across the country admit to actively avoiding their neighbors, only 7% of people said they don’t know their neighbors.

HomeAdvisor said those with children are far more likely to know their neighbors than those without (77% versus 37%). The same goes for pet owners, with 73% of those with pets knowing their neighbors compared to 39%.

While Denver ranks among the cities for best neighbors, only 48% of people are likely to know their neighbors, which was fifth-lowest in the survey.

The cities with the least annoying neighbors:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Boston
  3. Oklahoma City
  4. Denver
  5. Portland

The worst behaviors for neighbors were watching people from the window, using cameras to spy and looking into others’ windows. Those in Fort Worth, San Franciso and El Paso, the cities with the most annoying neighbors, may want to mind their business a bit more if they’re going to be more neighborly.

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