Denver to drop all curfew violation charges against protesters

The Denver City Attorney’s office will dismiss all 320 criminal cases against those arrested for violating the emergency curfew imposed by Mayor Michael Hancock as protests ramped up throughout the city, officials said.

“We recognize the profound value of peaceful protests, especially now. We are dismissing the curfew violations as part of a non-punitive, restorative approach outside of the Court system,” City Attorney Kristin Bronson said in a statement. “While I very much hope that there is never a future need for another curfew in Denver if one is ever imposed, in whatever circumstances, it will be important that our residents take it seriously and comply with it.”

The city will also host a public forum for those who were charged to discuss recent protests with police and others, the release said. The dates for that forum will be announced soon.

During the protests near the Capitol and downtown in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, protesters also were arrested on suspicion of damaging property, burglary and assault. Officers, in turn, used tear gas, pepper balls and foam bullets on demonstrators, bystanders and journalists.

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