Denver woman with disability has scooter stolen from home

A young woman with a disability had her scooter, her only mode of transportation and prized possession, stolen from the garage of her Denver home on Tuesday.

“There he is, walking right away with her scooter. There he goes,” Sky Williford’s mother said, narrating a neighbor’s security camera video that showed the crime happen.

The video shows two men drive by on a single scooter of their own. They stop, one man gets off and walks up their driveway. Seconds later, he walks back into the frame and walks off with the black scooter out of the garage.

“It’s just so terrible,” Sky’s mom said. “She’s just the best and it’s so hard to see her upset.”

Her mother, Cynthia Moses, tells Denver7 her daughter has a developmental disability. The scooter is her only way to get around, including to and from her job at King Soopers.

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